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Anes Dubo – Drums

Anes Dubo was born in January 1978, in the small city of Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina. At about age five, Anes started to show his interest in music. By age seven, he was pounding on his mom’s pots, pans, and furniture that sounded like drums. In 5th grade Anes started to play drums with a couple of friends, who later formed a band called Termiti (Termites). Their band played for school festivities, and talent shows.

Due to the war in Bosnia, in 1994, Anes moved to the USA where he continued high school. At the high school he joined a heavy metal band called Section 8. During a period of about 2 years, the band played a few shows around Burlington, VT.

After his adventure with Section 8, and for the next several years, Anes played with a local Bosnian band, then with Cold Shower, Full Code, and Neon Spoon.

Before too long, Anes came up with the idea to form his own band. He had known Emir for a while, and they had jammed off and on for over 10 years. In the fall of 2012, Anes reconnected with Emir for regular jam sessions and they started looking for a bass player to join them.

When Anes was invited to a garage jam session that his coworker organized for fun he met an unusual bass player named Kent, who, for some reason, he thought was awesome. Shortly after, Anes introduced Kent to Emir and they started to play on a regular basis.

Having played in many different bands Anes knew many people from the local music scene. One of them told him about a great vocalist that was interested in finding a suitable band for himself. That vocalist was Rijad Kapetanovic. Anes invited Rio to come over to sing, and as he introduced him to the band, everyone knew this was a good thing. Shortly after Rio joined 4IN as co singer, the current singer became less and less available. Soon Rio completely took over as front man. Now Anes has his band, 4IN.