Emir Horozovic

Emir Horozovic – Guitar

Born in Banja Luka, Bosnia, Emir started playing guitar when he was 15. In his teenage years, Emir was playing in the band with his neighborhood friends he grew up with, as well as high school band he performed with at the school. That lasted until spring of 1992, when the Bosnian war started. The band continued to play, but Emir couldn’t practice and play out with them because of the safety reasons–police riots, and ethnic cleansing that was happening at the time. Emir’s bend kept playing without him, and they got to record several original song in ’94-’94. The band name was Chamade.

Due to war in Bosnia, his resettlement to the US, college education, and growing family, Emir was absent from music playing for about 11-12 years. This long absence form guitar playing made him work even harder to re-tune his guitar skills. Emir reconnected with his friend Anes, which used to jam with Emir in ’96-’97. They decided to jam more frequently, and Emir joined Anes to purse the idea of forming a band.

Emir now regularly plays with 4IN, and really enjoys it. Emir writes his our own music and lyrics, plays rock ‘n roll and alternative rock covers, as well as ex Yugoslavian RNR covers (RNR from Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia).  Emir is currently working on producing few original songs, both in English and Bosnian.